Thin Blue Line Coffee Mug. The perfect gift for your favorite officer, new graduate, or retiree. This glass can be laser engraved/personalized with any Law Enforcement Badge/Logo/unit/shield custom art work. The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!! It makes a great service award as well. **Make sure to check out our INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK to see some of our custom work**

Thin Blue Line Coffee Mug with bullet

  • Please be aware of the following when placing your order with the option of adding a custom logo/design to your glass(es). 

    Vector files are required for any custom logo/design from the customer.  Please send your vector file(s) to 

    If you do not have a vector file we can send in a picture of your logo/design and we can convert it for you for an additional cost of $14.99. (Please read Logo Conversion for more details).

    All custom orders take 7 to 10 business days from the time vector files have been submitted by the customer and approved from our etching department.